Thursday, 28 June 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recyle and Upcycle - Washing Machine Drum Barbeque

 Upcycling means making something better from rubbish. Here's how to upcycle your old washing machine drum into a barbeque or campfire. There's no need to spend your precious dosh on a fancy shop bought one.

When our new washing machine was delivered, the delivery men offered to take away our old one. 'No way' said my husband, there's lots I can do with that. He used the timer to make a watering system for the greenhouse for when we were away on holiday - clever lad, but the best of all is our washing machine drum barbeque which is what I cook on when we're away camping or at festivals.

It is perfectly designed to let air in through the holes, and contains the fire nicely. A grid on the top allows the kettle, saucepan or coffee pot to sit on nicely and it even has temperature adjustment! For a slow simmer, place the pan on the edge, and for fast boil, put it in the middle!

If you need extra heat to the fire, simply place 4 small pieces of wood or stone as wedges underneath and the air will flow better.

To barbeque without pots and pans, simply let the wood burn through to embers and place your sausages on the grill.

Then, when the food's cooked, stoke up the fire to keep the midgies at bay and everone can sit round the fire roasting their toes and marshmallows!

So maybe next time you need a new washing machine, keep the drum for a fire!

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Thanks for reading. Next week I'll continue the series on making and doing things with children.


  1. Brilliant idea. My parents and grandparents did stuff like this. When did we go astray and become a throw-away society. I'm a Brit living in America and the waste is mind-boggling!!

  2. hopefully we can stem the tide if we are just a generation or two away from frugal living - my parents were war children and the thrifty habit is well engrained in them too. If we all do our bit and spread the word maybe we can make a difference? - feel free to share my blog or Facebook page with your friends, Diva - nice to hear from you from across the pond xx

  3. I love this. And I like that it can easily be disassembled and moved to another spot. How great, thanks for this timely posting.

  4. When we use it for trips away we fill the empty inside with wood ready cut for the purpose. Do you roast marshmallows on sticks in the USA too?

  5. I have done the same thing, they look great at night too